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Ansalon II - The World of Krynn - Dragonlance On-Line Superworld
A Neverwinter Nights 1st Edition MMO Playable Superworld. Been around since 2006. Consists of massively rewritten areas, spawns, treasure system, huge amount of custom items and monsters. Leaderboards. 1000+ Areas to explore based on the Dragonlance Chronicles by Weis and Hickman.
Currently only online by request

Starfire Farms Dedicated Server
A dedicated server running Giant Softwares Farming Simulator 2015.Starfire Farms is a heavily custom modified (both by creator and Starfire3D Mega-Farm running under Giants Farming Simulator 2015 using the DAJNET/ENJIN Map Pleasent Valley Rivers. ).
Unlike the very boring stock FS2015. Starfire Farms is a huge map with plenty to do every minute of the day. There are 116 active products to deal with. 30 factories you have to supply, 21 shops to buy your products and 12 Warehouses to store them. 42 Food products to produce like Chesse Pizza, Soup (12 Different types), Potaeo Chips, Ham and Bacon and many more. 24 General Goods Like boards, drywall, birdseed, Cinder Blocks, Steel, Textiles etc. 23 Crops to plant and harvest. Delve into Mining for Coal, Gravel, Iron, Salt, Sand and Stone to make foundations for the 8 buildable industries. Try Animal Husbandry with Beef Cows, Dairy Cows, raise piglets to marketable Pigs. Chicks to Chickens for the Chicken Egg Laying House or for CW Meat Company an in-game slaughter house.

Overland Consolidated Railways (OCR)
A site providing models and custom game objects for Auran/N3V Games production of Trainz(r). Mostly dedicated to the Trainz Simulator 2010 Engineers Edition.